reno dryRENO – DRY is a development successfully combining organic and inorganic materials. The active element in RENO-DRY is a modified silicone resin bearing a close relationship to the mineral silicate in the masonry itself.

RENO-DRY is completely invisible and does not change the colour or texture of the surface over which it is applied.

• RENO-DRY penetrates deeply into the surface and provides an invisible silicone lining in the microscopic pores of brick, concrete, stucco and other masonry.
• RENO-DRY actually changes masonry surface characteristics from hydrophylic (attraction to water) or hydrophobic (aversion to water).
• RENO-DRY eliminates or significantly minimizes efflorescence.
• RENO-DRY eliminates or greatly retards spalling and cracking.
• RENO-DRY reverses the effect of surface tension that draws water into untreated masonry.
• RENO-DRY is both acid and alkaline resistant and unaffected by salt spray..
• RENO-DRY eliminates spots, stains and streaks due to moisture penetration of soot, grime or weather conditions.
• RENO-DRY does not change the breathing characteristics – circulation of air through the wall.