Property with a Clear Coating

Clear Coatings are available to enhance and protect stone properties.

Our clear coatings are specially formulated for a more porous surface that requires to be stabilised, bonded and sealed.

They provide excellent long lasting weather protection to stone, masonry, brick, mortar, concrete and cement-based paints.


 Our clear coatings will

  • Reduce spalling or flaking masonry.
  • Reinforce and hold deteriorating stucco that cannot be sandblasted or otherwise cleaned.
  •  Is ideal for sandblasted stone and brick that has become porous and flaky.
  • Is excellent for new concrete to give a long lasting weatherproof transparent surface.
  •  Has a low surface tension, making it very invasive so enabling it to penetrate well into the surface up to a depth of 1.5mm to 3mm.
  • Is both acid and alkaline resistant and is unaffected by salt spray.
  • Eliminates spots, stains and streaks due to moisture penetration of soot, grime or weather conditions.
  • Does not change the breathing characteristics (circulation of air through the wall).

SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces must be clean, free of any surface coating and dry before application.

APPLICATION: Application shall be by low pressure spray, brush or roller applying sufficient material to allow a run down of 150mm to 300mm depending on the density of the surface. Over-spray or splashing on other exterior oil or water based paints is harmless and can be left without damage. RENO-DRY 2R can be applied at any temperature, dries within hours and becomes fully effective within 24 hours.

COVERAGE: Application should be made at the rate of 1 to 2 metres per litre depending upon porosity.

NOTE: Dense masonry may not accept a clear coating at this rate. Such surfaces should be given two coats and the coverage extended to 1.5 to 2 metres per litre. At least 2-4 hours should be allowed between coats.

AUTHORITY: Conforms to British Standard BS6477 (1984) – Water Repellents for Masonry Surfaces.


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