5 Stage Process


Stage1:  Power Washing

All areas have to be power washed with Anticide Wash to remove dirt, loose paint, soot and moss. Than checked for cracks and damage to the render.Texture Coating Specialist take great care with this vital part of the preparation process.

Stage 2: Masking

Before the coating is applied, we mask all areas not  being treated, (windows, doors)  with masking tape and paper and also cover paths, bushes, plants and fences with dust sheets.

Stage 3: Render Repairs

We check for damaged roughcast and cracks. If necessary, we repair with Reno Prep Render which is a high strength cement/sand/polymer mix,   reinforced with coated polypropylene fibres.

The fibre provides dimensional stability by absorbing any initial internal forces until the render has gained sufficient strength to sustain stress without cracking.

Stage 4: Sealer Coat

We apply the sealer coat to all areas being coated to ensure a perfect bond between the building and final coating.

Stage 5: Final Spray Coat

We apply the final application ,which is approximately 20 times thicker than conventional paint, using high pressure spray equipment which welds the material to the receiving surface.

This provides a durable coating which will not chip, flake or peel and also prevents penetrating damp, cold and even corrosive salt sea winds and acid rain. A truly long-term solution to the ravages of the Scottish climate.

There are no Shortcuts in these procedures.

Clients rightly expect the Highest Standards