Large house getting prepared for texture coatingRENOTEX is a unique exterior texture wall coating, developed specifically for the protection and decoration of most external surfaces. It is applied up to 20 times thicker than ordinary paint.

Using high pressure spray, Renotex fills holes,cracks and hides blemishes yet does not conceal the original architectural lines. Renotex is ideal for concrete, masonry, block, brick, metal, plastic and many wood surfaces, both interior and exterior.

The Renotex formulation is based upon an extremely durable synthetic elastomer polyester vehicle blended with Polybutene for flexibility. It contains fibre, mica, perlite, titanium dioxide and special colour components, to provide long lasting colour retention, weather-proofing, insulation and protection.


Large House texture coatedRenotex is an ideal coating for concrete, metal, masonry, block, brick and most wood surfaces. Because of its excellent  adhesion and flexibility, Renotex resisists the tendency to flake or peel. It comes available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any surface.

For old Buildings, Renotex restores their original beauty without changing the original architectural lines. It covers structural blemishes, holes and cracks.

Renotex eliminates the need for costly maintenance

For new buildings, Renotex provides a protective insulative coating, far outlasting ordinary paint. The textured finish hides form marks and other surface defects, which are usually still apparent when ordinary paint is used

USES: Renotex Texture is an ideal coating for concrete, metal, masonry, blockwork, render, pebbledash, brick, asbestos, cement panels, prefabricated structures, profiles and most painted surfaces.

• Weather Resistant
• Allows Walls to Breathe
• Resists Penetrating Damp
• Will not Chip, Flake or Peel
• Built in Fungicides
• Excellent Resistance to Stains and Dirt
• Can be Hosed Down
• Excellent Colour Retention
• Tough and Flexible
• Excellent Adhesion
• Saves Painting every few years

See our Colour Chart for range of 12 standard colours

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